Me Hiko Tortilleria is a small NZ family business, baking authentic restaurant corn tortillas for decades using traditional techniques and volcanic stone ground nixtamalized corn (try saying that fast).

Me Hiko CornchipMe Hiko Cornchip

Our tortillas are thin and made fresh for restaurants across NZ where they are cut and cooked to make Mexican cantina style tortilla chips...mmmm.

We’ve been told we make the best corn tortillas in Aotearoa!

Our secret to our food is simplicity. Quality ingredients and the care of proven techniques.

All our products are made with 100% real ingredients – no artificial colours or flavours, no GMO’s  and never any added MSG. Check out the supercharged goodness of Nixtamilization (simply good link)

Using what we have learnt from our tortillas our mission is to craft a different range of snack food that is just better…for you, our communities and the environment – so you can feel happy snacking.

NZ Made

Volcanic Stone Ground Nixtamalized Corn

No Artificial Colours or Flavours - No Added MSG

GMO Free

Gluten Free

Soft Plastic - Recycle at Store